Easily Maintain Your RV’s Slides

Your RV slide-out is one of the best features of your RV. It expands your space when parked, makes life easier, and allows you to more intelligently use the space you have. While the slide-out is a wonderful feature it can also be your worst enemy. One cracked or damaged interior or exterior seal (gasket) can take a slide from a practical amenity to your worst nightmare. Faulty seals can allow rain water to leak into your RV, critters to make it their home, and so much more. So, how can you maintain your RV slides to make sure they serve their purpose and don’t turn your RV into a money pit?

Maintaining your slides is actually quite easy and is something you should do a minimum of once a year, preferably before the start of camping season during spring cleaning. If you’re up to a twice-a-year routine checking seals during winterization is the perfect time to add this task to your RV’s maintenance center.

Several commercial products are available to lubricate and care for your RV’s slides, however, many RVers swear that using simple baby powder or talcum powder gets the job done and is actually better than liquid and grease products because it doesn’t attract dirt and grime. Several RVers on forums have also stated that Winnebago advised them of this method when they first purchased their RV.

Remember to confirm your slide-out’s seals are not cracked or broken before performing this maintenance task. If they aren’t stop by your local RV service center immediately.

To use baby powder to maintain your interior and exterior slides grab a container of plain baby powder and a dry washcloth or towel. Using the washcloth apply baby powder to exterior slides and dust off any excess. Check out this helpful video by RVGeeks below to see this technique in action.


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