inTech Flyer Pursue Travel Trailer Review: 2 Off-Roading Features

One of our favorite options for off-roading camping trips is the inTech Flyer Pursue travel trailer available at Leo’s Vacation Center. Below, we will show you two of our favorite offering features that make this RV ideal for rugged adventures. Learn more in this inTech Flyer Pursue travel trailer review.

InTech Flyer Pursue main image
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Interior Designs

This RV weighs just 1595 LBS. and provides sleeping space for up to two comfortably. Inside the RV, you’ll find a 59” x 78” space for a bed with two bunk mattresses to ensure you get a great night’s sleep. The side entry door makes it easy to access anywhere in the RV. And you’ll love the front storage cabinet for keeping all of your things organized.

Additional Features:

  • Rear Doors
  • Side Entry Door
  • 59″ x 78″ Bed
  • Front Storage Cabinet
  • LED Dome Lights
Interior of the antique fire, Pursue travel trailer
You’ll love this versatile space can be used for hauling you’re camping equipment.


The inTech Flyer Pursue travel trailer is built to be tough enough to explore any off-road in any campsites you want to visit. The all-aluminum, all-tube cage frame keeps the RV a white weight while making it tough enough to withstand difficult terrain. Additionally, you’ll love the Bluetooth stereo, which allows you to listen to your favorite tunes while sitting around the campfire.

Pull out kitchen in the inTech Flyer Pursue
The pool or kitchen is a great feature that can enhance your meals at the campground.

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