Open Range RVs: Quality and Adventure

open range light fifth wheel

Open Range RVs are taking the market by storm and it’s obvious why. These RVs are sure to take you on your next adventure in comfort and will last for years and years to come thanks to the effort and commitment Open Range brings to quality. Every Open Range RV comes with a two year warranty that is transferable should you decide to sell it and is up to 15% lighter than the competition, which means you can save money on fuel and spend it on an additional vacation! Why you should buy an Open Range RV is obvious once you look at the benefits of these RVs.

42″ Deep Slides

These extra deep slides allow you to gain maximum space when parked and expanded. This means that you’ll be able to relax, kick back, and feel like you’re right at home. Extra space also allows you to accommodate more people when entertaining and lends to the residential atmosphere every Open Range RV offers.


At around 10%-15% lighter than competitors Open Range RVs can be towed by smaller crossover vehicles and SUVs. They save on fuel and allow you to avoid having to buy a new vehicle dedicated solely to towing your RV.

Heated and Enclosed Underbelly

Whether you’re planning to vacation at the beach or in the mountains, the heated and enclosed underbelly allows you to rest confident your pipes are protected from any potential climate or travel induced damages. No more worrying about freezing pipes or rocks flying up and hitting your tanks.

100″ Wide Exterior

The 100″ wide exterior promises maximum interior room, while wide stance axles guarantee the best towing experience possible. With Open Range comes a commitment to creating engineering masterpieces that are aesthetically appealing, yet incredibly practical and functional.


If you’re interested in learning more about Open Range RVs contact us. We’ll answer any questions you have and make sure you’ve got the information needed to make the best buying decision for your needs. Our selection includes the Open Range and Open Range Light.

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