RV Tips: 4 Ways to Keep Your RV Clean

Whether you’re heading south for the winter or planning your next vacation for summer 2021, you can benefit from these RV tips!  As a full-time RVer, I have plenty of experience with keeping the RV clean and presentable, especially with a one-year-old, husband, and golden retriever to keep up with all day.  Here are my four best tips for keeping the RV clean throughout the week.


Shoes Off at the Door!

First and foremost: Campgrounds are not the cleanest! You do not need additional dirt tracked in with everyone coming in and out. Setting a rule of no shoes in the RV can limit the number of trips people take in and out, which will cut down on the dirt on your floor.

Additional tip: Get rugs for just inside your doors and at the bottom of the stairs to reduce dirt even more.

Clean While You Cook

RV kitchens can be as spacious as your kitchen at home, but that’s not always the case.  If you’re cooking in a smaller kitchen, cleaning dishes and surfaces as you cook can help you make the most of your space.  While something browns in the pan, you can wipe down your cutting board and knives.  Try to keep your space as tidy as possible so that you have less to clean after the meal, as well!

Washing dishes

Have a Place for Everything

For me, this is easier said than done.  I’m still working on finding the best place for most things in our fifth wheel, but the items that have a home are much easier to find. Many RVs utilize their storage space more efficiently than houses, so you should have plenty of storage to work with, especially if you plan well.

Sweep Twice a Day

If it isn’t obvious, dirty floors are a pet peeve of mine.  Keeping your floor clean will help your space look and feel better.  I sweep every morning when my one-year-old goes down for a nap so that his play space is clean and ready for more adventures when he wakes up. Then, we always sweep right before we head to bed at night.  This routine gives us a fresh start every morning.

Full-time RV living isn’t for everyone, but you can learn some of the tricks of the trade to keep your RV clean during your family vacations.  Contact us today to find an RV for sale at Leo’s Vacation Center that will take you and your family on incredible vacations for years to come.

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