Which Type of RVer Are You?

traveltrailerRVing in itself is a subculture made up of unique people who value freedom and flexibility. Rvers go where they want, when they want and aren’t subject to airline rules or hotel vacancies. It’s a lifestyle that challenges the norm and demands that you satisfy your taste and curiosity for fun and adventure. Within the RV subculture is a variety of lifestyles made up of people who RV in a diverse range of styles. From those who are on the road year round to those who take weekend trips RVing has something to appeal to everyone. So, which RV lifestyle was made for you? Which one will accommodate your current life stage and needs?

If you’ve still got kids at home and a job that requires you to be present during normal business hours, you’ll likely be a weekend RVer. Weekend RVers take short trips over the weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and week long trips when vacation time is available. These RVers might have the dream of RVing long-term in the future, but are happy to take what they can get for the time being.

RVers who take longer RV trips (several weeks at a time) are known as vacationers. These RVers have a little more time to spare and might be pre-retirement, but have less responsibilities at home tying them down. Of course, you might just have the time and be ready to take the children on a cross country trip during summer vacation.

Full time RVers, those who live life on the road, are often retirees, but also can include those who work remotely and enjoy road tripping, and families who have not just job flexibility, but also home school their children. These RVers have a taste for adventure that just isn’t satisfied with a random weekend trip.

Last but not least are snowbirds. These RVers have a “stick home” in their home state that they enjoy during the summer, and head south in their RV during the winter. Most snowbirds are retirees who have worked hard their whole life and are ready to escape the brutal winters they endured for long enough.

The RV lifestyle is a wonderful thing because of how flexible it is. From the types of RVs available to the people RVs are made for the uniqueness of this lifestyle shines through in the adventures you take, sights you see, and experiences you have. If you’re ready to jump into RVing contact us. We are sure to having something for you regardless of whether you plan to be a vacationer or full-timer.


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