Your Pre RV Trip Inspection Checklist


Regardless of whether you’re new to RVing or a seasoned pro, it’s important to remember to always run through your pre RV trip inspection checklist. This can make or break your next trip and helps ensure that something drastic doesn’t happen while you’re away or headed to your destination. Having to tow your RV home or get it fixed at an RV repair shop you aren’t familiar with is both expensive and stressful. A simple pre trip check will keep you aware of your RV’s condition and keep your family safe and happy.

Engine Check

Whether you’re driving a motorhome or towing a trailer it’s important to check your engine. Has the oil been changed? Are your batteries healthy? Is your coolant filled? A healthy engine will get you to and from your destination without trouble. Knowing the condition of your engine will also provide you with peace of mind while traveling.

Light Check

Are your turn signals working? What about your headlights? Checking these not only helps you travel safely, but also prevents you from getting an expensive ticket. It’s important to remember that if your RV is a towable you’ll want to check your tow vehicle’s lights and your RV’s. If your RV has a rear light that is out get it fixed right away by stopping by your RV parts store and picking up a replacement bulb. It’s a quick and easy fix. Not doing so could cause someone behind you to completely miss that you’re stopping or turning and cause a serious accident that you’d be liable for.

Safety Check

During the safety check you’ll want to inspect the condition of your wheels and brakes. Check to ensure your lug nuts are tight, that you have a spare tire, and that your breaks are in tip top shape. Speaking of tires, how are your tires? Is the tread OK? Are they inflated properly? Do they have any bulges? Tire issues aren’t something to play around with and should be addressed immediately by your RV service team.

This all might seem like common sense, but oftentimes in the excitement of heading out on a trip we forget to do a basic check. Making this a part of your routine will help ensure your family is safe and your RV is in the best shape possible.

Photo credit: By IFCAR (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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