RV Tips: 4 Easy Tips for Spring-Cleaning Your RV

As the weather continues to warm up and flowers start blooming, it’s time to get your camper ready for your upcoming travels.  Whether your RV is a new pop up camper from Leo’s Vacation Center or a class A motorhome with all the bells and whistles, these tips can help you get ready for your first trip of 2021.  Learn more in these easy RV tips for spring-cleaning your RV.

Cleaning supplies

1. Check Your Roof

First and foremost, you’ll want to inspect your roof to ensure no debris has settled onto the top of the awning or slides. You’ll need to clear off any leaves, sticks, or other debris from the roof and anywhere it might get caught on the awning or slides as you open them up. Additionally, inspect the AC unit to ensure it is still properly sealed and ready for use.

Dry Leaves

2. Open Up the Slides

You’ll want to open up your slides to ensure the mechanisms are functioning well and don’t need maintenance. Be sure to have a friend help you with this step by staying outside to watch the slides come out and make sure everything looks clean and clear. If you have a pop-up, in this step, you’ll open up the pop-up and bed-tents to check for any water damage or wear from storage through the winter.

Cyclone Slides out
Learn more about this Heartland Cyclone toy hauler fifth wheel at Leo’s Vacation Center.

3. Air It Out

Open up all your windows, vents, and cabinets to start airing out your space. For me, this step is a must before getting to the campground. If you are not hooked up to electricity, open your refrigerator and freezer. These spaces are notorious for getting smelly when left to sit for too long. You can use household cleaners in your fridge, freezer, cabinets, bathroom, and many other places to refresh the space with a clean smell.

4. Flush the Water System

Lastly, you’ll want to flush your water system of the antifreeze and get it prepped for your new camping season. You can talk to your RV dealer or make an appointment with our RV service department to get help with dewinterizing your RV or do it yourself if you have experience. Additionally, you may want to get a water pressure regulator to help protect your pipes from the damage of too much water pressure in the system and a water filter to keep your freshwater clean when you hookup at the campground.

Tap water

We hope this list of RV tips helps you get out to the campground this spring with confidence!  For more information about the RVs for sale at Leo’s Vacation Center, contact us today!

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